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Watch a Great Chef at Work

Watch a Great Chef at Work

Are you going to be holding some special event in your home any time soon? How about having the luxury of your own personal chef for the day? 

Perhaps you've seen those great reality shows on TV where you get to watch a real chef cooking some great meal right before your eyes.  Have you ever wanted to have that happen in your very own kitchen?  Well now you can, with the Leroy Live Experience.  There is nothing like being able to brag to your friends about the fact that you had a chef whip you up a master piece and that all of you got to watch him do it.

Wow, now that is way better than a reality show!

Purchase one of these Gift Certificates and we will make your evening worry-free and entertaining.

All you have to do is call us up and let us know what kind of an event you are holding, whether it be a birthday party, a special dinner for your friends, or just a fun family night with Chef Leroy, and he will start planning your meal.  Leroy will personally hand pick all fruit, vegetables and meats.  Leroy will come to your home with all the professional pans, chefs tools, spices, and high quality hand picked food to make your gourmet meal experience top notch.  When your evening is done Leroy will leave his work area clean and tidy, and your pallets well pleased.

If you would rather that Leroy bring your meal already prepared, this is an option as well.  The choice is yours, so why not take advantage of this perfect opportunity to entertain your family and friends with the pleasure of having your own personal chef.

Call 403-250-8400 today to book Leroy
for your special occasion.

Not only will your night be fun but it will also be affordable.  The five course meal works out to only $90 for a dinner for two, $250 for a dinner for up to six, or $400 for up to ten to dine.

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